Interview by Natalie Asumeng


Imagine a magic button that can survey your closet and recommend outfits based on the weather and what you’re up to. If it happens to be a rainy day, and you don’t have a rain jacket, it will suggest a coat from its menswear shop that fits you perfectly. Dream no more, because just about any basic piece at your fingertips, an app called MYLO will soon exist, which functions as a menswear shop that is stocked with high quality men’s basics. Read on to our interview with Daniel Eckler, the founder of MYLO as we discussed everything about this app and his personal style.


What inspired you to start up Mylo? Honestly? My morning routine. I used to wake up and dread looking through my closet. I thought: “If I was insanely wealthy, the first thing I would do is create a Richie Rich style closet that could organize all of my clothes and make an outfit recommendation in a split second.” Fortunately, technology is so fantastic these days that I was able to create it without being insanely wealthy.

I also love clothes, and I know exactly what I like. Unfortunately, there has never been a single place (online or brick & mortar) that carries all of my favorite menswear pieces. I’m happy to say that now that shop exists, and it fits in your back pocket.

Why create this app? I think that most men want to dress well, but don’t care enough to engage with the fashion world. I wanted to create an app that takes care of the irritating parts of dressing well. If someone wants to save 15 minutes every morning, all he has to do is open the app and it will lend a hand with his outfit. If he needs a pair of classic denim, all he has to do is open the app, browse for ten seconds, and a pair of jeans is on the way.

What inspires you as a designer? I’m inspired by simplicity. I like my products to feel clean and operate intuitively. Hopefully, the things I design are so simple and easy to use that the experience feels second nature.

It’s also important that the things we design have an inherent friendliness. Sometimes clean design can feel a little sterile, or serious, so we work hard to bring warmth to the things we create.

What is your staple brand? Mylo preaches simplicity, and the idea is that a wardrobe built on a foundation of high quality basics is infinitely versatile. Within this framework, brands become less important than the quality, durability and versatility of an item itself. We understand that not everyone can afford the highest quality version of everything on the market, so we offer a variety of price points for each basic piece in our shop. In short, Mylo is brand agnostic.

What is your staple day to day outfit? I usually wear classic pieces with a subtle twist. Today, for example, I’m wearing a gray T-shirt and a light blue ripped jean with a white Nike blazer that is similar to the Adidas Stan Smiths. For me it’s very much about comfort.

What are your everyday essentials? I only have three essential items, and aside from obvious things like clothing and my bed, they’re all I really need. The first is my bicycle, which allows me to get around the city in the most flexible, affordable way possible. The second is my phone, for obvious reasons, and the third is my notebook and pen, both of which I use on a daily basis to keep a tight schedule and jot down any notes I might have. We live in an era where we really don’t need a ton of things, and I like to take advantage of that. It keeps my mind clear and my priorities straight. I believe that a life lived well is one lived simply.

What audience are you trying to target? This answer is two-fold. First, we’d like to help the guy who wants to dress well, but has no idea where to begin. Hopefully Mylo’s styling feature and one-touch menswear shop can make his transition to dressing well an effortless one.

We’re also interested in the guy who knows exactly what he likes, but wants a dead simple place to grab his essentials. Ideally, he pops open Mylo and grabs what he needs in a few seconds instead of trekking all over the city.

Why choose menswear? Over the course of my life, I’ve bought over 1000 pieces of clothing, founded a fashion magazine, and spent over a decade in the industry. I know exactly what I’d like to see in a menswear app. I also know a ton of guys on a ton of different career paths, with a diverse set of interests, and most of them approach menswear in the exact same way: They want to look good with minimal effort. When they shop, they usually know what they want, and they want it quickly. I’m confident that Mylo can solve these problems, and it can do so effortlessly.

MYLO is Android and Apple friendly and will have its official launch in 3-4 months from now. Sign up on to get access to the app once it’s released.